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Kerrytown Farmers Market (Jan-Aug): Weds 7am-3pm, 4pm-8pm and Sat 7am-3pm
Westside Famers Market (Jun-Sept): Thurs 3pm-7pm ; 2501 Jackson Rd. (Zingerman's Roadhouse parking lot)
Cobblestone Farmers Market : Tues 4pm-7pm; 2781 Packard St.

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Detroit Tigers

Detroit Red Wings

The Ark (Preferred Partner)*

The University of Michigan Power Center

The Michigan Theater

Revel and Roll Upscale Bowling

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  • Romance Package

    Romantic getaway: It could be for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or even just a trip to rekindle the love, but a romantic getaway is a must for any thriving couple. It doesn’t have to be fall or summer for you to take a getaway, it just has to be the right getaway place for you and your special one to enjoy. Here is what to look for in a romantic getaway.

    IT SHOULD BE RELAXING: Relax and enjoy, that's what a Romantic Getaway should be all about. At The Kensington Hotel, you will get Champagne and Chocolate-covered Strawberries served in your room. You get a large cozy bed to spread out in, a spacious lounge and a beautiful soaking tub. On top of these, you get to enjoy the crystal blue pool, sauna and steam bath, schedule a couples massage with Sapphire Spa and enjoy expert masseuses and masseurs. To get you even more relaxed, enjoy room service throughout your stay. And guess what? There is no rush when it comes to your checkout day. It's not the 10 A.M. standard time that every other hotel offers, at The Kensington Hotel, you are given an extra three hours so that you can relax a little more and check out at 1 P.M. GREAT FOOD: Bad food almost always ruins a good getaway. If you keep frowning at the taste of each food you bite, you're probably not going to have a very good time. That’s why it is important to ensure you choose a hotel with the best food. The Kensington Hotel creates several cuisines for you to choose from. They are mostly American historical meals, but they are given a touch of creativity and cooked with fresh ingredients sourced locally. A couple can choose to eat breakfast at the rising of the sun on the balcony of the beautiful Kensington Hotel or enjoy dinner with one of the hotel's handmade cocktails with a credit to our on-site restaurant, relish.